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CEO’s Secret Weapon is dedicated to client success. We believe Wealth starts as a state of mind.  We develop solid relationships with clients that are focused on a strategic path to achieving the ultimate goals of the founders and that benefit the community as a whole to become wealthier. For new clients Packages available from $600 – $5,000.

Strategic Business Planning            Targeted Product Launches
Effective Funnel Marketing             Power Partner Development

Strategic Storyboarding                   Online Identity Management
Web & Blog Optimization                Lead Development
Customer Connection                       New Market Insertion

Press Releases                                    Speech & Writing Services
Media Distribution                            Book Writing & Publishing

Logo and Branding                           Media and Sales Kits
TV & Video Production                   Tradeshow Displays

Another Satisfied Customer

Angela led a sales training program for Authentic Beauty, an award winning salon based in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Be In The Spotlight

We couldn’t resist putting this video up of our founder Angela DiCarlo next to Sandra Bullock, winner of 2 People’s Choice Awards on January 6, 2010 as Ellen DeGeneres pokes fun. The wonderful Ryan Reynolds from hit movie “The Proposal” is also next to Sandra.

Angela appears at 1:25


What We Do Every Day to Improve the World…

  • We grow progressive businesses to be more profitable and to operate as industry pioneers.
  • We design and launch brands with our proven expertise in strategic planning and implementation.
  • We help clients operate effectively so that everyone involved can clearly understand and explain the products and services offered by the business and key partner businesses.
  • We help clients set up a work environment that reflects their goals and helps to achieve them.
  • We build clients’ staff into teams who understand and own their role in the business to complete projects, satisfy customers and offer suggestions to continually improve and grow.
  • We maintain a speed dial list of key advisors who are available to respond with expertise on key issues, offer referrals to grow business, and provide resources to complete projects.
  • Our clients are proud to provide references for the quality of work they consistently receive, the results they achieve, the courtesy we and our partners treat them with, and the respect they receive from our team who values the knowledge the clients bring to the projects.


  • Profitable Client Relationships
  • Exultant Client Referrals
  • Empowering Total Wealth