• Too much To Do?

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    I’m obsessed….with TO DO Lists. Stop me now before I have too many lists!

    Here’s how I turn my tasks into a game plan.

    First off, I pretend that someone else is going to do the work for me. Not always true, but it makes you break down into real tasks that can and must be accomplished in a timely manner.

    From the moment I hired a paid assistant to work with me, I started really valuing my time. Even at only $10 an hour, my brain started calculating the time sitting next to my assistant like a Taxi Cab fare just going up and up and up whether we were in motion or not.

    With the mindset of this To Do List costing me money, I started breaking the tasks into bite sized chunks that have real action steps. Instead of focusing on building something big, I created action steps. You have probably done this, but I know that little reminders often kick me and my work habits back into high gear.

    Accomplish everything you can but don’t stress over having pieces left over. Be sure to schedule time to complete them in your calendar.

    1. Imagine you are paying someone to complete the tasks
    2. Break the task into action steps with end products
    3. Complete your tasks

    Which reminds me…I have yesterday’s To Do list in my briefcase. Woops. Better go crack that out and get rocking. I had two unexpected calls from clients today that got me off task. Has that ever happened to you?

    Back to my To Do List.

    Be amazing!
    CEO’s Secret Weapon

  • Upcoming Workshop – 10/3/2012

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    NASHVILLE: Wed. Oct 3, 2012 – 1-3pm
    GROWTH INTENSIVE – Exclusive Class
    Brentwood Library
    Class Fee: $69.

    Register by calling Robyn from Brentwood Library at (615) 371-0090 ext. 8510 or email zandir@brentwood-tn.org.

    Discover how to grow a powerful business and life, create an effective action plan, and become the powerhouse behind your own success!
    – Do you feel spread too thin, unfocused or without direction for next steps?
    – Can you clearly describe your business or service benefits to others in 30 seconds?
    – What if you could start earning an MBA (Major Bank Account) for what you do?
    – Tap into proven techniques to get results faster and easier.

    Workshop provides the 5 most essential pieces of building a successful life and business led by a proven business trainer who has helped grow everything from direct sales to $100+ million dollar brands. Learn from the best and build a business you love to shape.

    Originally from San Diego, Angela DiCarlo arrived in Franklin, TN in 2012 where she offers business coaching and sales training through CEO’s Secret Weapon.   Angela received her MBA from Pepperdine University. She has traveled the country as a professional sales trainer with Southwestern Consulting. Over the last decade, she has led vision board, CEO Intensives and business start up workshops. Angela is the author of Caravan of Dreams, co-founder of Life Enhancer Fitness, and creator of Prosperity and Friends.


    Register by calling Robyn from Brentwood Library at (615) 371-0090 ext. 8510 or email zandir@brentwood-tn.org.

  • Success Story #1996: Do what you love.

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    This was my response to a friend who got off track in life again.

    Life gives us obstacles as a wake up call. Many moons ago when I thought I was going to be a doctor, I fell and went into a coma.

    The truth of the matter is that I knew in my heart that I did not want to be a doctor, but I kept pushing forward. Finally one day, a week before medical school exams, the big force of the universe said “ENOUGH!” and put me in a hospital for two weeks and took away my immune system!

    If I’d have just listened to my intuition which said, “Hey Angela, you’re really good at business and making stuff, why don’t you do that?” Then I may have gone down a better path with less “bumps” in the road. Now 16 years later, I’m in business making stuff.

    You can probably relate to how it feels to get back to playing your instrument the way you want. My sewing machine is my instrument. I love the sound it makes as I zip through stitching another creation. I love wearing my art, gifting it, selling it, having other people sell it for me.

    And as soon as I started sewing again, there was little to no effort. Every struggle to learn how to make something was a challenge I loved. Hours zip by. I sit down at the sewing machine, suddenly realize I am hungry and notice that 4 hours went by since I last took a break and looked at the clock.

    Find something that excites you like that. That drives your inner being to never stop. And do it.

    Stay amazing,


  • Social Media Basics

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    Using Social Media to Grow Your Business.
    Instead of getting absorbed in Web 2.0 or 10.0 depending on when you read this. It is critical to first define what you want to get out of your social media techniques.

    * Do you want more customers? If yes, what type?
    * Do you want more sales? If yes, where are you driving them to close the sale once you’ve invited them into your website, store or firm?
    * Do you want stronger relationships with current customers? If yes, how will you communicate with them and who will manage it?
    * Do you want more recognition as an expert in your field? If yes, are you attracting the traffic that can grow your expertise or are you speaking on deaf ears?
    * What do you want as the result of your social media efforts? Be specific.

    Once you know what you want, you can set real goals to achieve it. Many business build a following on Twitter or Facebook, only to have those efforts be wasted on the wrong audience. Get specific. Know what you want as a result or as the old saying goes, you’ll end up “preaching to the choir.” And if you are trying to improve the world, how will that help you?

    Choose your own adventure:
    1. I know exactly what I want from my social media and web presence…
    2. I have an idea of what I want but don’t know where to get started…
    3. My company gave social media to a staff member to manage…
    4. What’s social media?…

    Because if you don’t know where you are going,
    then how will you know when you get there?

  • Surround yourself with successful people.

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    Surround Yourself with Successful PeopleClick for details

    Since our founder Angela DiCarlo was at People’s Choice Awards, we wanted to share a snapshot of all the amazing people she was with. Hugh Jackman, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Correll, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Rascal Flatts, Christian Slater, Chevy Chase and many more who are living Powered Up To Their True Potential. Is now a good time for your business to truly shine?

    Who will you surround yourself with? Look at 1:25 to see our Founder.