What is CEO’s Secret Weapon?

CEO’s Secret Weapon is not just a business. It is a lifestyle. It is a community of forward-thinking business owners and individuals who are passionate about what they do.

These are the people who work weekends and evenings to get the job done. These are the people who will pitch and sell their products at a tradeshow booth long after the sales team has left. These are the people who will talk about their company at the gym, in the checkout line or on their evenings out, if and when they get out of their office. Their business is their life. And they love it.

They seek out the secret weapon to link up with even more success. Whether they need some form of help, guidance, money, increased sales, better clients, relaxation, more energy, media exposure, social networking, training, friends or a community, they can find it here.

The life of a CEO is not easy but it can be wonderful. There are many ups and downs in the life of a business owner or executive. And many experiences that are nearly impossible to explain if you have not been there.

For instance, have you ever had to write payroll and could not cash your own check? Have you ever been the last one standing at an event that was supposed to link your business up with some amazing opportunity and all you got was the bill? Have you ever hired a professional service provider only to realize that you were the only one doing the work?

You are not alone.

The CEO’s Secret Weapon is a community, a forum, a virtual board of directors that values your time and connects you to those you would benefit from as well as those who could use what you offer.  We aim to help create PRO$PERITY in your life from maximizing what you already do.

Perhaps you need investors. We have specialists who write business plans, attend venture capital events, are connected to angel investors and know how to get small business loans. We want you to grow. Our economy was built by the businesses in it. To continue to build the future we want, businesses must continue to grow.

You are known for not letting limitations getting in your way to get results. Perhaps you just need to take a break and refresh. Join us for salsa dancing, yoga, a vision board workshop, or an exotic vacation with other like-minded business professionals.

We all need a break. Trust me on this. Often the best solutions to a problem can be found when you let it go and sit on the beach drinking margaritas made just the way you like them surrounded by total strangers.

Sometimes an uninformed listener is the best way to work through a problem because it forces you to truly define the problem in a way that you do not normally have to with people in the know.

Or maybe your diet is off and you have gained some weight or lost some muscle. We share with you some great products and programs that have helped us to get to our ideal weight and kept us going on those long busy days where food or exercise are easily forgotten.

So what does this mean for you? It means that you are not in it to win it alone. You have peers and service providers who need you as much as you need them. You may just be too busy to find them.

In today’s economy, the CEO is the hardest working of the bunch. If you do not get your work done right and make sure everyone else is producing results, then you may as well close up shop. You are not working just to pay someone else’s salary are you? Even Robin Hood needed to keep some of his treasures that he shared with the poor to satisfy his own expenses and desires.

A business is a community effort. You are directing the path. You lead the way. You set the plans in motion. You get joy from the results. When sales go up, you celebrate and often work harder.

You are the Chief Executive Officer and it is you who guides the company’s vision.

Join the CEO’s Secret Weapon community in celebrating your success and finding more success and peers to join you.

When I founded CEO’s Secret Weapon, it was with the intent of filling a cruise ship with the coolest, smartest, most progressive people for a celebration of all the hard work and results achieved. These are people that will build the CEO’s Secret Weapon community.

Let us create a life that exceeds our wildest dreams and leaves the planet better than we found it for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Carpe diem,

Angela DiCarlo, MBA
Master of Being Alive!


p.s. Please join our community so we can link you with fellow thought leaders who match your needs. Welcome aboard.