Social Media

New media and social media are becoming the most popular vehicle for consumers to learn about, get comfortable and ultimately “like” a product, company and their figureheads.

  • Do you want to promote Sales in untapped markets?
  • Do you want to reconnect with Customers and Leads?
  • Do you want to be known as the Expert in your field?

There are hundreds of online social media tools that exist to facilitate the increasing interaction and two-way communication between consumers and companies.  To promote and grow a brand via new and social media, a company requires a professional organization to conduct this “symphony” of resources properly.

The Social Media Experience:

Connecting with current clients and affiliates – Opening and supporting a two-way “relationship” with customers helps keep a customer interacting with your business in an ongoing fashion, creating a customer for life.

Growing your client and affiliate base – By targeting strategic portals, groups, sites, etc. Boom makes sure you connect with the right people who either can directly benefit from your product or service or know someone who can.  By connecting via new and social media, prospects have the ability to “look under the hood” and interact with you directly, in a friendly way.  In turn, they are helped along to decide to do business with you on their time and with the help of others speaking well of you in the foreground.

Re-connecting with old leads/dead leads – Every company or professional has a database full of customers who never bought from them, never responded to a mailer or email campaign, etc.  We have a system that incorporates the use of old leads and makes them warm again, clearing the way for open lines of communication and future business.  Wasted leads are a shame and new media is by far the best way to make old leads new again. We employ processes and tactics that are proven to work.

As proof, we have taken a company in our portfolio in the past and went from spending $75,000 per month in marketing to a few thousand, all while maintaining our client base above industry standards and increasing leads as compared to those generated by traditional marketing.  Additionally, we have testimonials from clients that would blow your socks off in terms of return.  This is the reason we cannot reveal in detail our process and how the “symphony” is conducted, but in short we utilize every useful tool that exist in social media including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video, etc.



Yes, we are SOCIAL MEDIA lovers. We host special Traditional and Internet TV segments on various business topics. See a show below on List Building with Internet Experts Mick Moore, Angela DiCarlo and Jim Hickey.


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