PROGRAM 1: Can You Pass The PRO$PERITY Test? Creating Achievement Now


On the road to success, there are trials and tribulations.  If you knew the secrets to what stands between your dreams and your reality, would you be willing to take the actions that will get you to your success? If you are ready to take the powerful journey to the next level…then this 5-step program will help you achieve true prosperity.

Health, Wealth, Love, Money, Family. Which concerns you most?

Our clients are in the top income brackets of the economy or are actively striving to get there. They are successful because they do these 5 key steps to reach their goals.

Throughout life, the majority of people set To Do lists for tasks and broad goals like getting married or going to college.  Rarely do people sit down and write out what those goals mean to them in detail, achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in their lives and feel that they have more purpose in their day-to-day experiences.  Angela DiCarlo, MBA with the option of having her present in business attire or full costume as Prosperity Angel sharing key insights and tools for effectively creating a powerful, productive and prosperous life.

These fun, active, colorful and powerful presentations designed for schools, youth organizations and businesses are tailored to best support your audience:

  • Attendees leave with a clearer sense of what goal setting means.
  • We conduct a pre-meeting with key business leaders, teachers and/or school superintendents to get everyone involved in the topics, the characters and the end goals.
  • Leaders receive handouts to give to students beforehand where they color, draw or write a goal-driven story before the event to create buzz, involvement and excitement.
  • We send links to videos before and after the presentation with education. It has been shown that youth and adults learn extremely well from videos, especially when they watch them on their mobile devices like droids, iPhones, iPads and tablets.
  • Prosperity and Friends provides them with ongoing resources for effectively setting goals for the present and future.

PROGRAM 2: Power Up! Getting to the Next Level of Success


Goals are different for each of us, but the path to get there has the same obstacles: fear of failure, lack of direction, fear of success, complacency, and countless others. Yet there is one common thing that virtually every single successful person must have before accomplishing their goals: a conceivable and believable end goal. Focus strategist and motivational speaker, Angela DiCarlo, MBA shares key insights and erases common misconceptions about how to build a prosperous life through effective goal planning and achievement. Ideal for corporate events, women’s centers, youth achievement programs and life enhancement programs.

After hearing Angela’s highly interactive and entertaining speech, your audience will:

  • Reduce accomplishment worry, fear of success and understand lack of motivation.
  • Effectively set life enhancing goals with a simple step by step method.
  • Learn techniques to overcome procrastination.
  • Engage in happier, healthier, more productive lifestyles.
  • Create effective game plans for accomplishing more in life and work.
  • Adopt an overall results-oriented attitude of goal oriented living.
  • Be more focused more often.

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