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The Team
In her search for excellence, Founder Angela DiCarlo, MBA has hand-picked the best in brightest in the industry to help grow the CEO’s Secret Weapon into the entrepreneur’s choice for exceptional and effective business growth services dedicated to creating more profitability.

Social Media Optimization: Today’s world requires a solid online presence that is constantly updated and monitored.  CEO’s Secret Weapon has partnered with Boom Media to manage the Social Media Implementation for customers so that their online identity is created with a solid storyboard from the start.

Sales Training: Inner Fire Presentations led by Dan Boe brings proven training to empower entrepreneurs to turn their sales efforts into effective profit-making systems. Businesses overcome key obstacles to success including how to stop being a free consultant, effectively closing sales, and how to generate repeat customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Getting online is vital, but making money off referrals is even better.  Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to get people to share in the profits and do the marketing for them at a minimal cost to the business.  Our top secret affiliate partners not only created the affiliate marketing programs for major corporations, but also earn six-digit income creating at home affiliate marketing with a proven system. 

Designers: Excellent design is hard to come by, but the best designers, photographers and videographers are on call with CEO’s Secret Weapon.

Mentors: In addition to the many amazing mentors we have brought on board, we are proud to announce that we have a key financial expert who has stepped in to boost your success and turn around businesses into millions of new revenue.  His expertise has been vital to the growth of CEO’s Secret Weapon and his financial genius is highly valued for creating growth plans for CSW and clients.

OUR FOUNDER: Angela DiCarlo, MBA is a passionate and focused marketer, social media expert and executive consultant who helps businesses create success through win-win-win opportunities for business owners, shareholders and customers.   She helps businesses define, launch and grow successful products and services using her focused Win-Win-Win business growth model and her formula for success. Her complete profile is at

Focus + Action = Results


  • Web 2.0, SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Expertise
  • Marketing, PR, Business Planning and Implementation
  • Education, Software and Consumer Goods Management
  • New Product Research, Development and Launches
  • Member Retention, Events, PR, & Leadership Skills
  • P&L Management, Budgeting and ROI Analysis
  • Team Management, Planning and Project Management
  • HTML, Ad, Packaging, Display and Graphic Design
  • Education Program and Curriculum Development
  • Computer Experts: PC, Mac, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, HTML

CEO’s Secret Weapon strives to help entrepreneurs and businesses in successful growth, development, executive consulting, product marketing and new product launches. We help people identify their focus and define the steps vital to keep the focus and put plans into action to get real results to create the best, most profitable and happy life possible.

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