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An Olympic athlete never gets to Gold without a coach. How can we expect our life’s work to fully be realized without the steady guidance of a coach?


We lead customized workshops for companies seeking sales growth. Whether you want to increase sales, get more focused, develop a winning team or get professional coaching, we have a solution to fit your needs.
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Here are great testimonials from two different sales reps who have more than 20 years experience each talking about how Angela DiCarlo helped them with their sales efforts. By the way, that weekend, they both saw a noticeable boost in their sales! We love immediate results!

Hyundai Sales Associate Michael Sweet regarding Angela DiCarlo’s sales training workshop.

Hyundai sales associate Wayne Crooke tells how the workshop with Angela DiCarlo reminded him of sales techniques he used to use. Book your workshop to see how you can improve your business sales too.

These are the Most Desired Topics in Sales Training. You pick the top 3-4 for your team’s growth.
____ Advanced Closing Techniques
____ Handling Objections and Excuses
____ Top Producer Mindset
____ Creative Prospecting Ideas
____ Phone Techniques for Prospecting
____ Navigating Behavioral Types
____ Goal Setting
____ Investing in Yourself and a Career
____ Keys to Self-Motivation
____ Time Management
____ Generating a Referral Base Clientele
____ Initial Contact: Remembering Names
____ Making Professional First Impressions
____ Qualifying Correctly
____ Questioning Techniques
____ Probing Strategies
____ Presentation Enhancement


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Mini-MBA Intensive. Transition to Excellence.

What if you could tap into your more powerful side to get results faster and easier? What would you do with less blockages in your life? What if you could start earning a mini-MBA (Major Bank Account) in just 3 hours?

This Intensive Workshop combines the most essential pieces of an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) plus the Power of effectively using Visualization with genuine Action Plans to get to your goals. This is like a “mini-MBA” for thought leaders.

This Intensive was designed for business owners, innovators, students, couples and everyone looking for more out of life.

Learn powerful techniques for making your goals into a reality faster and easier than ever. Plus, you take home a powerful series of Vision Plan worksheets that help you implement your future more clearly. This 3-hour workshop provides you the opportunity to put your thoughts into action with other thought leaders. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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TESTIMONIALS“I attended the Vision Board Workshop and had a great experience! What a wonderful idea for team building or for a group of friends. I went with my boyfriend and really liked hearing about his long-term goals and seeing his creativity for the board. Best of all, we now have the vision boards in our living room to focus on every day!” 

Jennie Edwards, Guided By Imagination Photography,


CEO Intensive – San Diego, CA

Step-by-step process to reveal your true vision, create your signature message, market your brand profitably, reach people who want to buy your products and services, and truly live up to your potential!

  • Step-by-Step Training personally guided by Angela DiCarlo, MBA. You’ll leave knowing exactly where you’re going and have the blueprint to get you there.
  • Leave with a plan to fulfill your ultimate vision, master the power of your inner mind’s best assets, overcome inner objections, concretely define your goals, and craft your action plan for success in life and business (not to mention the mindset).
  • Master the pure energy of success! Once and for all, completely eliminate any energetic blocks that stand between you and living your heart’s ultimate calling.
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    Live Teleseminar will help YOU create your dream life!

    September 2011 via computer or phone

    Do you imagine leaving a legacy? Putting your name on the side of a building? Having your grandchildren read stories about you in the history books? Starting a charity? Or just leaving something behind to be remembered for? Learn the key steps to creating your dream life starting now.

    Used by professionals, athletes, philanthropists, students and successful business owners to create a Focused Action Plan to achieve goals in the life we are currently living and leave a legacy that leaves a better future. Ideal for everyone looking to get and give more out of life.

    Turn your big idea into achievable steps
    Start living more fully now
    Develop more effective SMART goals to fulfill your dreams easily
    Get insights and breakthrough whatever is stopping your true potential
    Learn the secrets to keep your plan on track

    Join CEO’s Secret Weapon for this fun, powerful event designed for you to make the most out of this life.

    Angela DiCarlo, MBA will lead this life enhancing event to take your Visions and Goals to the next level today.

    Remember, life is not a dress rehearsal.

    Ideal for business owners, employees, couples, homemakers, students and everyone looking for more out of life.

    CEO’s Secret Weapon was formed to help success-focused businesses become more successful and help individuals live more empowered lives. Founder Angela DiCarlo, MBA brings her experience building market leaders to help you power up to your true potential. Put the Secret Weapon on your side for real results.

CEOs, Students, Couples, Executives and people from all walks of life have benefited from CEO’s Secret Weapon workshops. Whether you want to get your business growing faster with a CEO Intensive or just get a better grasp on the vision for your life with a Vision Board Workshop, you can benefit. Sign up for a workshop or send us an email. We are here to help you succeed.

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