• How to live right…Personal Tune Ups….why they matter.

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    George Bernard Shaw once said,

    “The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.

    The last few months, I have been moving, traveling, teaching, camping, vacationing, working, selling, sewing, writing, helping others, helping myself, speaking, driving a lot, cooking, and on and on.

    Somehow, during this time, I have gained what I thought was 5 pounds since my suits still (barely) fit but what the scale says is almost 15 pounds and I feel sore all over. How is that possible?

    Then the words of my past massage therapist, Joshua, came to mind, “You must care for your body like you care for your car and get an oil change, or in this case, a massage, every 3 months.”

    It’s been far longer than that since I have booked a real massage.

    Are massages expensive? Yes and no. Are they worth the cost? Absolutely.

    If you are on a budget, new to an area or just fiscally a spend thrift who loves coupons or discounts, then you can either visit Groupon.com or find a local massage school to see what is available.

    Today, I went online and googled Massage Schools in my area. I am traveling a lot and want to be financially sound to keep traveling. Although there are several resorts across the street from where I am staying, I don’t personally know any of the therapists and the financially responsible thing for me to do today is find a massage school in my area to see what they offer.

    The good news is that Cortiva Institute is only 10 miles north of me, which is the direction that I am heading today to pick up some Medifast food to lose those pesky 15 pounds that creeped up on me.

    The 60-minute massage is only 1 Jackson – or for you non Hipsters :-) $20 bucks. The 90-minute massage is only $35 but there are none of those available until 6 weeks from now.  I guess other people discovered this great discount program for oil changes, I mean body tune ups. :-)

    So today, at 2:30pm, I get my tune up. And I will probably book another before I leave St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.

    Next stop: Miami. I know a lot of great massage therapists there so I will enjoy the student massages for now and spend more on the professionals next time.  We have to keep the economy flowing and our own bodies in tune.

    If you haven’t left me already, go now to google and do yourself a favor and book a massage with your favorite therapist or help a massage therapy student finish their credentials at a local school.

    Angela DiCarlo, MBA
    Master Being Alive!