• This is what I live for…

    Posted on October 10 2012 by SecretWeapon in Blog, Inspiration, Success, Uncategorized with 0 comments

    When you create something that is your original work, there are many reasons you keep it hidden away.

    But when you create something and share it with the world and get positive feedback, you remember why you created the work to being with.  Case in point…

    Then you get another message and realize that you are happy you finally took that old project that has been brewing in your mind out of the deep recesses of your secret hideaway.

    The encouragement of the friendly note helps you let the fear slip away and you start sharing your gifts with more people.

    Soon you have a following, a fan base, clients, people who love your work and crave more….and you feel….scared, nervous, excited, thrilled, exuberant, happy, and a whole myriad of emotions.

    The “what if?” thoughts start coming to mind.

    What if they are just being nice? What if I can’t write anything better than this? What if I have to give a speech about what I wrote? What if I get called out on something I believe in? What if people love it now and hate it later? What if I have nothing else to offer?

    But then you suck up the “what ifs” and read the praise letters again. You read your book or review your project again. You smile at how amazing it is that you created something so powerful. No, scratch that. That you channeled something so powerful to share with others. The thoughts were not necessarily mine. They were my experiences described from the point of view I was living in that moment. Views or words or images that I felt were important enough to share with others.

    So I reflect on the ups and downs, the excitement and the potential. I share this because these thoughts are not new. Every living being who has lived has experienced something similar. A fear of taking a chance, of putting their words out in public, of taking a stand for what they believe in. Whether you have a team to help you or you are leading the pack, then you are making a difference.

    If you have ever walked at the head of a group of people, leading the way, then you know what I mean. You are moving forward and you have to keep moving forward or the whole group will stop. They trust you to lead them. If you spend all your time looking back to see if they are following, then they may start to doubt your abilities. But as a leader, you understand your role and you walk strong.  You exemplify confidence and if you start to falter, you drift back and let someone else lead the way.  Next time you are in a group of people walking, take the chance and get in front alone and see how it feels.

    For me, walking as the leader was something I did not really experience until I was older. I had always been the smallest kid in my class until I was 16 so naturally, the little kids with shorter legs go in the back of the group. Learning to walk in front confidently was something that took trust and faith.  The same thing applies to putting your dream works out there. You have a subconscious faith that you know how to walk and hopefully equal faith that you create something unique in your work. As you put your project out to the world, it is as if you walk to the front of the group and lead the way. These notes of encouragement are the reminders that everyone is following a long and trusting in you and your works. Stay amazing!

    And as Dr. Wayne Dyer said “Don’t die with your song still in you.” Share your magic with the world!