• Happy Holidays! How to maximize your marketing efforts.

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    Today is a great day for letting the world know what you are working on. This is not a day for hiding under the covers or avoiding important tasks.

    The good news is that for most people in the office business world, this is a short work week. The bad news is that this is a short work week. How will you maximize your time?

    Marketing is a great thing to work on when sales calls are difficult to make. If you are in the sales field, then sales calls are an important part of your business. But calling on Thanksgiving week is limited with many people taking half or the whole week off.  So here’s a short and sweet game plan for maximizing your marketing during the time you are away from the office.

    1. Write out the next 5 days worth of marketing Tweets, LinkedIn Posts and Facebook Updates now. Take 1 hour and get it done.  You don’t want the world to think you took the whole week off, do you?
    2. Pre-schedule your social media for the next 5 days using Hootsuite.
    3. If you haven’t already, gather your Client list (don’t forget distributors and vendors) to send Holiday Cards to. You need to remind them that you care about them. You can hand-write the cards, have your assistant help, or use a great tool like SendOutCards.
    4. Check on your Holiday and New Years Promotions. Are they relevant to what customers want? How will you let customers know about your specials?
    5. Check your calendar to make sure that everything that needs to be taken care is done before the holidays overtake everyone’s minds.

    Best of luck with another amazing week of business.  Contact us if you need any help or ideas for marketing and sales growth.

    By the way, we are recording a radio interview with Angela DiCarlo (yours truly) on Thomas Mangum’s radio show today. Check back for the links.

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