• Happy Holidays! How to maximize your marketing efforts.

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    Today is a great day for letting the world know what you are working on. This is not a day for hiding under the covers or avoiding important tasks.

    The good news is that for most people in the office business world, this is a short work week. The bad news is that this is a short work week. How will you maximize your time?

    Marketing is a great thing to work on when sales calls are difficult to make. If you are in the sales field, then sales calls are an important part of your business. But calling on Thanksgiving week is limited with many people taking half or the whole week off.  So here’s a short and sweet game plan for maximizing your marketing during the time you are away from the office.

    1. Write out the next 5 days worth of marketing Tweets, LinkedIn Posts and Facebook Updates now. Take 1 hour and get it done.  You don’t want the world to think you took the whole week off, do you?
    2. Pre-schedule your social media for the next 5 days using Hootsuite.
    3. If you haven’t already, gather your Client list (don’t forget distributors and vendors) to send Holiday Cards to. You need to remind them that you care about them. You can hand-write the cards, have your assistant help, or use a great tool like SendOutCards.
    4. Check on your Holiday and New Years Promotions. Are they relevant to what customers want? How will you let customers know about your specials?
    5. Check your calendar to make sure that everything that needs to be taken care is done before the holidays overtake everyone’s minds.

    Best of luck with another amazing week of business.  Contact us if you need any help or ideas for marketing and sales growth.

    By the way, we are recording a radio interview with Angela DiCarlo (yours truly) on Thomas Mangum’s radio show today. Check back for the links.

  • How to live right…Personal Tune Ups….why they matter.

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    George Bernard Shaw once said,

    “The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.

    The last few months, I have been moving, traveling, teaching, camping, vacationing, working, selling, sewing, writing, helping others, helping myself, speaking, driving a lot, cooking, and on and on.

    Somehow, during this time, I have gained what I thought was 5 pounds since my suits still (barely) fit but what the scale says is almost 15 pounds and I feel sore all over. How is that possible?

    Then the words of my past massage therapist, Joshua, came to mind, “You must care for your body like you care for your car and get an oil change, or in this case, a massage, every 3 months.”

    It’s been far longer than that since I have booked a real massage.

    Are massages expensive? Yes and no. Are they worth the cost? Absolutely.

    If you are on a budget, new to an area or just fiscally a spend thrift who loves coupons or discounts, then you can either visit Groupon.com or find a local massage school to see what is available.

    Today, I went online and googled Massage Schools in my area. I am traveling a lot and want to be financially sound to keep traveling. Although there are several resorts across the street from where I am staying, I don’t personally know any of the therapists and the financially responsible thing for me to do today is find a massage school in my area to see what they offer.

    The good news is that Cortiva Institute is only 10 miles north of me, which is the direction that I am heading today to pick up some Medifast food to lose those pesky 15 pounds that creeped up on me.

    The 60-minute massage is only 1 Jackson – or for you non Hipsters 🙂 $20 bucks. The 90-minute massage is only $35 but there are none of those available until 6 weeks from now.  I guess other people discovered this great discount program for oil changes, I mean body tune ups. 🙂

    So today, at 2:30pm, I get my tune up. And I will probably book another before I leave St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.

    Next stop: Miami. I know a lot of great massage therapists there so I will enjoy the student massages for now and spend more on the professionals next time.  We have to keep the economy flowing and our own bodies in tune.

    If you haven’t left me already, go now to google and do yourself a favor and book a massage with your favorite therapist or help a massage therapy student finish their credentials at a local school.

    Angela DiCarlo, MBA
    Master Being Alive!

  • Your body knows best…

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    Excerpt from “How to Create PRO$PERITY from What You Already Do” by Angela DiCarlo, MBA

    "How to Create PRO$PERITY from What You Already Do" by Angela DiCarlo, MBA.I have yet to meet someone who has been completely happy with their body their entire life.

    We all go through ups and downs, injuries, sicknesses, weight gain and loss, and all types of body changes throughout our lifetime. At every Vision Board Workshop I have led, almost everyone shows that they care about their health by maintaining or improving it.

    Luckily, I have eaten my way through enough programs to make my ideal body a reality.  The key that I have found to being happy with this body I carry around is to pay attention to it.

    At the time of this writing, I am not a certified nutritionist or fitness trainer so I cannot tell you what to eat or how to work out.  I did want to share the keys to what I have learned to create a program that has worked for me consistently over the years to keep me feeling healthy and young.

    My health experience comes from always being a health conscious person as well as working in the nutrition field for Balance Bar, creating my own health food company, co-founding a kid’s fitness program, teaching aerobics at health clubs, attending countless health focused workshops, and reading massive amounts of books on nutrition programs. At one point, I owned every top selling diet book written to see what information we were being told and perhaps to find another nugget of gold to add to my own program.

    So what it is the secret to creating ultimate health?

    It may not be what you think it is.  For most people, it is not realistic or healthy to get down to the dress size of a super skinny model. For others, it may not seem possible to get on the cover of a fitness magazine with ripped abs. For most, it is just to feel better about the body you are carrying around and getting comfortable in your skin. I have found that when you are happy in your skin, it reflects across everything you do. When you can look in the mirror and love you for you, then you have found peace.

    To feel healthy means to really listen to your body.  If you eat something that does not make you feel good afterwards, make a mental note of it.  When I am being really good about tracking my health, I write down everything I eat during the day in a food journal and make a note of how I felt.  When something helps me feel energized and raring to go, I make a double note of it and draw a happy face in my journal.  This has helped to identify my food allergies, stomach irritants and beneficial foods as well as things that cause me to gain or lose weight or felt more energized than other foods.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of books written about health, fitness and nutrition. If you have read more than one, then you can feel as frustrated as I did because they often contradict each other or they read like a text book making it impossible to understand. High fat, low fat, high protein, avoid carbs, eat carbs, fasting, eat only this food or that, drink this miracle weight loss shake, cleanse, exercise more, eat less, eat at this time, go vegan, eat only meat, this is good or that is bad.  It is enough to overwhelm any sane person.

    Set your food plan to one that seems like it will work for you based on what you really want to eat and then go with it.

    Track what you eat in a food journal for a week so you can be conscious of what it does to your body and adjust as needed to feel better. Write down what you eat and drink for a week and then look back and see if you liked how it made you feel. Are there any adjustments you could make to help you feel better? Are your portion sizes too big or small to keep you satisfied for a couple hours? Were you dragging all week so you drank more coffee or caffeinated drinks? Did you eat too much of one food and not enough of another?

    Once you can visibly see what you ate, it is much easier to create a diet you love and that makes you feel good.  And by diet, this does not mean a weight loss program.  A diet is what you eat every day.  It is your nutrition program. Diet is not a bad word, but dieting can be. By just being conscious of what you are eating, you can improve or maintain your health. Almost every restaurant has meals that can be fit into your personal program, even if it means ordering only off the appetizer or a la carte menu to fit your food needs.

    If you have a family, spouse or roommate, it may mean that you eat different meals and possibly at different times.  Growing up, I sometimes ate completely different food than my siblings and parents because I knew those foods irritated my stomach but they were fine for them. For instance, I would often get a stomachache when I ate dairy ice cream or drank a milk shake. Talk about a major bummer when your dad takes you and your brother out to ice cream to celebrate your good grades and you suffer for two hours later with severe stomach pain. Luckily, I learned that there were other desserts I could eat like Rainbow Sherbet so I could still celebrate and not suffer the pain afterwards.

    If your stomach hurts or you get heartburn after eating something, pay attention to what it was and try to avoid that food item next time.

    Your body knows best.

    You may still be able to eat that type of food just try to skip whatever triggered the pain. Maybe there is a certain spice or hot sauce that causes you pain every time you eat it. You can look on the internet to see if there is an alternative recipe to the something you love but that has caused you pain. In my case, I could not eat traditional dairy ice cream, but I could eat gelato, soy or rice ice cream that tasted just as good but did not cause me any stomach pain afterwards.

    My philosophy on food has been that it should satisfy your hunger, taste delicious and make you feel energized afterward. Anything that requires you to take a pill, in my opinion should be avoided. If you have to take an antacid, a gas relief pill, lactose intolerance pills, heartburn relief pills or any pill just to eat that food, then your body is probably not digesting it properly and you may not be getting the nutrients you need. If it requires a pill to digest afterward, try to avoid it or replace it with an alternative food.

    When you get a craving for something, try to figure out if it is a mental craving or a physical craving.  Once you can separate the two, you will know if it is your body screaming for nutrients that are lacking or your mind screaming for attention to fix something not food-related by eating something that is not good for you. Tracking your food in a journal can really help to identify the difference.

    If your body constantly craves salt or bread, take a look at how much of those foods you are already eating. If you see a lack, then add some, if you see abundance, then adjust accordingly.  Most of the cravings are triggered by your body having gotten used to getting so much of something like salt or bread that if you cut back you may crave something that may not be the best for you in that quantity. I know from my experience with bread cravings that after a few weeks of cutting back, the craving goes away and I could eat normal servings instead of binging on something I did not need.

    If you want to get started right or along the way get confused, see a professional nutritionist. Your local health food store often has a trained nutritionist on staff that can answer your questions for free and refer you to someone who can give you a complete program if you want professional assistance.

    I have also found nutrition workshops to be helpful. A naturopath taught a workshop where we sampled some amazing fruits and veggies that I had never thought to eat before but are now a staple in my diet. I took other workshops by an Auyervedic nutritionist who taught me about alkaline and acidic foods. Another taught me about eating right for my blood type. And another that taught me about eating certain proportions of protein to fat to carbohydrates.

    All of that information was great and I learned a lot, but when it came to creating my ideal body, the most important thing I did was track my food in a journal and adjust as needed when something triggered an allergy or caused pain.  Also, like in the old story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, knowing proper portion size is important. Did you have enough food, too much food or was it just right?

    This is what I have found to be most helpful to my ongoing well being that has helped me to maintain a body that I am comfortable and happy in.

    Best of health to you!

    Angela DiCarlo, MBA
    Mastering Being AliveTM

  • This is what I live for…

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    When you create something that is your original work, there are many reasons you keep it hidden away.

    But when you create something and share it with the world and get positive feedback, you remember why you created the work to being with.  Case in point…

    Then you get another message and realize that you are happy you finally took that old project that has been brewing in your mind out of the deep recesses of your secret hideaway.

    The encouragement of the friendly note helps you let the fear slip away and you start sharing your gifts with more people.

    Soon you have a following, a fan base, clients, people who love your work and crave more….and you feel….scared, nervous, excited, thrilled, exuberant, happy, and a whole myriad of emotions.

    The “what if?” thoughts start coming to mind.

    What if they are just being nice? What if I can’t write anything better than this? What if I have to give a speech about what I wrote? What if I get called out on something I believe in? What if people love it now and hate it later? What if I have nothing else to offer?

    But then you suck up the “what ifs” and read the praise letters again. You read your book or review your project again. You smile at how amazing it is that you created something so powerful. No, scratch that. That you channeled something so powerful to share with others. The thoughts were not necessarily mine. They were my experiences described from the point of view I was living in that moment. Views or words or images that I felt were important enough to share with others.

    So I reflect on the ups and downs, the excitement and the potential. I share this because these thoughts are not new. Every living being who has lived has experienced something similar. A fear of taking a chance, of putting their words out in public, of taking a stand for what they believe in. Whether you have a team to help you or you are leading the pack, then you are making a difference.

    If you have ever walked at the head of a group of people, leading the way, then you know what I mean. You are moving forward and you have to keep moving forward or the whole group will stop. They trust you to lead them. If you spend all your time looking back to see if they are following, then they may start to doubt your abilities. But as a leader, you understand your role and you walk strong.  You exemplify confidence and if you start to falter, you drift back and let someone else lead the way.  Next time you are in a group of people walking, take the chance and get in front alone and see how it feels.

    For me, walking as the leader was something I did not really experience until I was older. I had always been the smallest kid in my class until I was 16 so naturally, the little kids with shorter legs go in the back of the group. Learning to walk in front confidently was something that took trust and faith.  The same thing applies to putting your dream works out there. You have a subconscious faith that you know how to walk and hopefully equal faith that you create something unique in your work. As you put your project out to the world, it is as if you walk to the front of the group and lead the way. These notes of encouragement are the reminders that everyone is following a long and trusting in you and your works. Stay amazing!

    And as Dr. Wayne Dyer said “Don’t die with your song still in you.” Share your magic with the world!

  • Article posted on LifeHack!

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    We got featured as a guest contributor on LifeHack!

    Check out the Power Hour article at


    What is one thing that stops you from truly succeeding today?

    According to the thousands of business owners and sales professionals for whom I have led training workshops, there has been an all too prevalent theme that inhibits people from bringing them the wealth and results they desire. It really comes down to a few common behaviors that can be really boiled down to in one word: procrastination.

    I gave up procrastination for Lent in 2011. I had never celebrated Lent before but the timing was right. I thought to myself, what one thing would I be willing to give up for 40 days? I am pretty healthy so I did not need to cut out any food or add exercise to my schedule. I did not really have any bad habits that I could think of. I thought long and hard about it. I could have thought about it for days. I could have avoided it altogether as I had done with many other parts of my life where I could have worked to get to my goals but found other things to do. Finally, it hit me. I needed to give up the worst of all habits: Procrastination.

    Perhaps you can relate to this. I had become an expert at….(read more)