• Success Story #2012: My Mom

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    Moms are the best. Here is a Facebook post from my mom talking about fulfilling her Vision Board she made in my class.  I get stories like this all the time of clients completing goals, but this makes me cry from its pure sweetness. I love my mom so much and am so grateful that my class helped her crystallize and accomplish her goals as she entered retirement.

    I love you, Mom!

  • Visit Prosperity at www.ProsperityAndFriends.comClick for details

    This project started as a wish made with friends.

    Prosperity & Friends is an illustrated Cartoon Activity Workbook called “Inspire! with Prosperity & Friends.” The world needs role models now more than ever. Prosperity Angel is the lead character and together with her friends, they take readers through fun activities like goal setting, drawing their own cartoon, learning valuable life lessons, and other fun activities.

    The book is the first step in this magical series through the Multiverse. All backers will get finished copies of the book. The book is ideal for all ages and backgrounds. Those who have seen the notes and the drawings are excited about the finished project. We are on Kickstarter to raise funds for the drawings and prints. Visit www.ProsperityAndFriends.com to support the project.

    Why we are on Kickstarter:

    Meet Prosperity at www.ProsperityAndFriends.com

    Angela started telling her friends about the project and friends told her to post it on Kickstarter. They said the people who visit this site are amazing, generous, forward thinkers. Preparing this project for Kickstarter was a pleasure and we are all excited about how much amazing work we can give back to all our generous backers and friends.Prosperity Angel’s biggest wish is to provide thousands of copies of this book to adults and youth who are in transition in their life. Those who feel lost or just want more happiness. This book is for people who have amazing lives or want them. We want the series to be translated into multiple languages to help people all over the world and of course, all over Prosperity’s Multiverse. The first work will be completed by August 2012.

    Prosperity’s creator is Angela DiCarlo, MBA, a motivational speaker, author and friend. Angela has done much in life and Prosperity is the next step in giving back. Angela has started kid’s fitness programs, non-profits, run successful marketing campaigns, written books, helped grow many businesses, taught hundreds of workshops, hosted radio shows, and lots of other fun ventures.

    The cartoonist is Mr Scott the Illustrator. His work is inspiring and fun.

    We went to Kickstarter to raise funds for this project and get awareness out of the characters. We know that it takes a community to create amazing results. Without you, there would be no readers.

    Prosperity started as a vision and has become a reality through the encouragement of friends. This first book will be our gift to those who want a better life. Adults and children have shown great love to the concept of Prosperity and Friends.

    Please visit us online:

    1. ProsperityAndFriends.com
    2. Facebook.com/ProsperityAndFriends
    3. AngelaDiCarlo.com

    Prosperity Angel was created to be a role model of the future. She is fun, sets goals, is environmentally conscious and lives healthy. Her friends make her complete. They love being role models, contributing to the betterment of society and sharing amazing music.

    Prosperity & Friends Kickstarter Video

  • Client Success: Hair Salon

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    “Angela DiCarlo is a master at her craft. She is able to trouble shoot, resolve, and launch your business hopes and aspirations. She came highly recommended from another colleague of mine in the beauty industry. When I met with her I felt very comfortable talking to her about my future goals and what directions I would like to take my business.

    “She was very informative. She had great ideas that were easily adaptable to my line of work, and her follow up was most impressive. She genuinely cares about your vision and displays that by being in touch and always being consistent with her work. She got me in contact with a lot of people who were a benefit to myself as an owner, and as a business woman in general. I would recommend Angel DiCarlo to any business owner who is looking for a new set of eyes to help take their business to the next level.”

    Kitty Leigh
    Owner, Hair and Make up artist of Live 2 Dye


  • ResourceLink-GlobalClick for details

    Designed 3-part marketing brochure including updating all web text and business cards for mega vendor negotiation firm. Learn more about this firm at www.ResourceLink-Global.com.

    Resource Link 3-part Brochure Top
  • Incentive Tax SpecialistsClick for details

    Designed all marketing and web material in March 2011 for specialty government incentive firm, Incentive Tax Specialists. See web design at www.IncentiveTaxSpecialists.com.

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