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Angela DiCarlo, MBA is your ultimate choice for Sales Training, Strategic Consulting, Social Media Tactics, and Speaking Engagements for Amazing Companies like yours.

I help successful business owners become more successful.  I help and encourage them to create the life, business and daily activities that bring them the most fulfillment, happiness, money and satisfaction.Angela

Angela has served in all aspects of the marketing, entertainment and music industry from agencies to corporations to band-aid to event planner non-profits to the actual media, including current work at San Diego 6 TV News.  Her ideal way to give back to the world is by speaking to people in leadership positions (i.e. all positions) at companies to resolve issues, step up their game and live a more satisfying life.  Limited edition low price consulting packages are available through PayPal to help you get to the next level and become another success story and cheerleader for Angela. For more in depth consulting, coaching or to start a conversation, email success@angeladicarlo.com or call 561-631-3647.

There are three sources of Power: Time, Energy and Money. I help entrepreneurs, individuals and friends to make the best use of all of these to live the best life possible.Angela

Take the path of least resistance. Power Up!
Take the path of least resistance. Power Up!

SPECIAL: Generosity is being handed to you on a silver platter.  These 3 Get Into FOCUS programs are offered to you for only $230 per month.  Sign up now or miss out forever on these unbeatable rates.

The Home Study Course – Monthly Power Pack – 10% off first month

Commit to your success with a Home Study Course and 3 monthly phone consultations with a lead trainer (sign up to secure Angela DiCarlo as your coach).   The “Power Pack” is $230 monthly (normally $695, a savings of over $465 each month).  Plus you get 10% off the first month!  Offer limited to new clients looking to power up their businesses and lives.  The best investment you’ve ever made.  Sign up today.

Round Web 2.0 Training

Automate Your Business! If you just need web strategies and social media training. Here you will learn easy-to-manage web strategies designed to grow your business with a proven Web 2.0 consultant. Whether you need social media setup, training, or hosting, an amazing strategic consultant will walk you through your web 2.0 needs. Great for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, forums, eZines, blogs, podcats, vlogs, affiliates or the latest in web technology. This is best spread out over two separate sessions so you can implement what you learn and come back with targeted questions and get training to accelerate your web presence to reach targeted, buying consumers. Only $230 per month if you lock in this rate. First month is 10% off. My partner firm offers full-service Social Media at great rates, contact me to get a quote. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Strategic Business Consultation – For Your Business

This is a powerful test of where you want to go for you and your top executives.  Take a powerful pre-consultation questionnaire, participate in a mind-opening interactive lesson plan that you fill out before your consultation and experience a power up session with your strategic leader.  Limited time offer.  Success in life is becoming what you want to be. Do you know what that is?  You get one strategic empowering consultation for you and up to 3 members of your team (must be in same business) at the LIMITED EDITION rate of $230 (normally $1500) with a special 10% discount, so it’s only $207.  The sessions are over the phone or in person in San Diego.  If you lock in your session now, Angela DiCarlo will help you take your business, idea or hobby into a marketable product or service that will help get you to your dream life.  If you already have a business that is running, then employ these consultations as your personal business advisory board. Only available for a limited time with Angela as she will be traveling and speaking around the world.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

Level 1: Monthly Programs to Get Focus
Welcome to your future.

Get Into FOCUS - Study Program

Get Into FOCUS - Study Program

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