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Prosperity & Friends is a both a Keynote Speaker as well as an illustrated Cartoon and Activity Program for all ages.

The world needs role models now more than ever. Prosperity Angel is the lead character and together with her friends, they take readers through fun activities like goal setting, drawing their own cartoon, learning valuable life lessons, and other fun activities.

The program takes the reader or listener on a magical journey through the Multiverse. Pre-order your copy of the book. The book is ideal for all ages and backgrounds. Those who have seen the notes and the drawings are excited about the finished project.Visit Prosperity at www.ProsperityAndFriends.com

Visit Prosperity at www.ProsperityAndFriends.com

The cartoonist is Mr Scott the Illustrator. His work is inspiring and fun.

Please visit us online:

  1. ProsperityAndFriends.com
  2. Facebook.com/ProsperityAndFriends
  3. AngelaDiCarlo.com

Prosperity Angel was created to be a role model of the future. She is fun, sets goals, is environmentally conscious and lives healthy. Her friends make her complete. They love being role models, contributing to the betterment of society and sharing amazing music.

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