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Real Success shows Real Results…

Celebrate Your Successes!

Celebrate Your Successes!

“Angela is personable, intelligent and knows how to bring you right into her thoughts with astute organization, brainstorming and the ability to show you the results you expect. Not only is she professional and timely, but she loves what she does and she does it with vigilance and pride. When Angela has an idea, she sets off in that direction like a pro, with finesse, intelligence and attention to detail. She instantly becomes an asset going above and beyond your expectations. I recommend Angela to any business owner looking for fresh marketing tools and ideas. She truly knows her business and really is the CEO’s Secret Weapon to success.”

Brooklyn, Brooke Mackintosh, Sept. 2009

“You do great work.  You are pushing me into the fast lane. Keep rockn.
Michael D. Riddle, AV Ninjas
Event Staffing & Payroll Solutions specializing in Setup, Management and Teardown of Events
Provided the Official Gift Bag at Grammys and Oscars 2009

Provided the Official Gift Bag at Grammys and Oscars 2009

Angela is a great professional to have on your side. She is focused, action driven and incredibly energetic…”

— Juliana de Freitas-Draper, CEO, Giacini Atelier Handbags

While the rest of the market was running from opportunity, Angela pushes her clients to think beyond the ordinary. Launching a new handbag line, the best option for success is to get right into celebrity hands. What better way to do this than through gift bags at the Oscars and Grammys where you reach today’s market shapers? Giacini Atelier was the official gift bag of both in 2009. How will you reach out to today’s influencers?

From Product Launches to Business Consulting

Experienced with launching products into new territory

Experienced with launching products into new territory

Angela DiCarlo has launched everything from Sandpaper to Ice Cream, literally.  Angela specializes in product launches, marketing brands and building loyal customers, some of which become future company mentors and leaders.  Before Balance and Power Bars, the only thing close to an energy bar was the snack bar Tiger’s Milk. Angela helped create an industry that now overflows with bars, drinks, and supplements.  What do you want your success to be?

Don’t Count Time, Make Time Count!

Create a brand that stands on its own.

Create a brand that stands on its own.

With the turbulent market the world is facing in 2009, there are opportunities to grow.  One such company hired Angela for a rebrand.  No longer marketing under the name National Mitigation Solutions, Angela re-branded them to be the most popular booth at the San Diego Association of Realtors tradeshow as Short Sale Pros.  Make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

“Thank you for all your help, Angela. I feel very focused!”

— Michael Corradini, CEO, Short Sale Pros

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“I am amazed by the results I have achieved in such a short time. Angela DiCarlo, made it so easy to find ways to include the things that matter most to me in my Action Plan that I had never imagined putting together before. I am holding the ticket to my destination and nothing will stop me from getting there.”

— Yvonne Canton, School Teacher

“I have worked with Angela and found her very positive and focused in her work. She is wonderful with clients and makes them feel comfortable to work with them and make a difference.

— Michelle Berns, CEO, Strategic Talent Associates

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A Favorite Quote:
is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time,
talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner
calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.

by Dan Kennedy, Author

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