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Total Wellness

Part of being a successful Entrepreneur or CEO is to master your Total Wellness,
which is a process that includes the mind, body and soul.

Listen to Angela’s Tips for Total Wellness.

Mental Wellness

Hire a Consultant – Well, you can just contact CEO’s Secret Weapon to gain better clarity, business direction and to set up your path to real results.

Go to the library – When was the last time you went to the library with real books that smelled of age and wisdom? Go to your library to find books and videos that can provide you insights into your biggest problems. Stories written 20 or 100 years ago may seem old, but they may have just as much relevance now, if not more, than they did then. The video section often contains things like travel videos, historic tales, business techniques and classic movies that you may never come across in the movie section of your video rental store but may inspire your life in ways you never imagined.

Real Education for Life – Offers a series of workshops in Self-Hypnosis, money mastery and more. Taught by Matt Brauning. His three-day workshops are fun, inspiring and very educational. Email Angela for discounts to his events.

Physical Wellness

Bikram Yoga – If you have met our CEO, Angela DiCarlo, then you know that she loves Yoga and will try almost any yoga out there. The favorite so far is Bikram Yoga. It’s a consistently great workout that provides near immediate results. Try a class or two at one or two schools and feel what it’s like for yourself. Your skin will look amazing after a couple classes and your organs will feel revitalized. And your mental clarity will open to a whole new level.

Crossfit – You may not be a fitness nut, but Crossfit and a healthy diet have gotten many into the best shape of their lives. Find a facility near you and try it. Or go online and try the workouts. For best and safest results, hire a personal Crossfit trainer who can help you do the moves correctly without injury and set up your game plan to get the body, fitness and results you want.

Total Health Mastery – A great source of health seminars and online wellness tips to live a complete and balanced life. Most seminars occur in Orange County, CA.

Soul Wellness & Musician Resources

Many creative and business people are musicians or know musicians. Here are some resources to share with your musical friends or to find great music online to help you get through your work day with a smile:

Playlist.com: A great site for getting other people to post your songs on their MySpace pages. Exposure is key.

Pandora.com: This virtual radio station creates playlists of similar styles of artists. You can get heard by people who would otherwise never find you.

MySpace.com: Every musician should have a MySpace page to connect with their fans, post new songs, get feedback and give tour dates.

YouTube.com: Makes it easy to post videos online and send them out to fans. MySpace also has a video tool. Either way. Show your fans who you are.

Empower yourself, your business and your life with Brainstorming, Branding, Sales Training, Product Development, Promotional Tools, Web Design, and Consulting from CEO’s Secret Weapon. Call Today.

Seize the day!
Angela DiCarlo

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