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Meet Angela

We live in an amazing shifting time and we have some powerful choices to make.  By creating a FOCUS for our lives, we can then create an ACTION plan. This leads to real RESULTS.

Focus + Action = Results

People call me every day with success stories of what they have accomplished since meeting me.  This is not me being vain, this is me celebrating you being fabulous.  I love you and wish the best for you.  Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction to create something truly amazing.
Let me know how I can be of service to you, whether it’s strategy, marketing, social media, sales growth, branding or partner development.

Power Up!

Angela DiCarlo, MBA

p.s. I help business owners with product launches and individuals to get focused, get into action, and get real results.


Angela DiCarlo, MBA is a passionate and focused speaker with a successful background as a marketer, social media expert and executive consultant who has helped numerous businesses create real success.   She helps businesses define, launch and grow successful products and services using her focused Win-Win-Win business growth model and her formula for success. She helps successful businesses to become more successful.

Focus + Action = Results


  • Web 2.0, SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Expertise
  • Marketing, PR, Business Planning and Implementation
  • Education, Software and Consumer Goods Management
  • New Product Research, Development and Launches
  • Member Retention, Events, PR, & Leadership Skills
  • P&L Management, Budgeting and ROI Analysis
  • Team Management, Planning and Project Management
  • HTML, Ad, Packaging, Display and Graphic Design
  • Education Program and Curriculum Development
  • Expert: PC, Mac, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, HTML
  • and she fixes computers, too.

Angela strives to help entrepreneurs and businesses in successful growth, development, executive consulting, product marketing and new product launches. She helps people identify their focus and define the steps vital to keep the light of focus shining in their eyes to live their best, most profitable, and happy life possible.


  • Seminars: Quattro University for Entrepreneurs, Clinton Swaine’s Play To Win, Matt Brauning’s Real Education for Life, Paul Ellis’s Brand Management Expertise, Real Estate trends, Michael Gerber’s In The Dreaming Room
  • Master in Business Administration, Pepperdine University, CA
  • Brand Management Expertise, Ennis & Associates, New York
  • Early Graduate, La Jolla High School, CA

Angela is a brilliant sounding board for CEOs, Executives, Employees and Customers.  She is a hands-on strategist who helps clients accomplish the tasks that may have held them back before.  She has developed long-standing relationships by strengthening the abilities of success-minded business professionals.

Questions: Email success@angeladicarlo.com or call 858-412-7738 today.We live in an amazing shifting time and we have some powerful choices to make. By creating a focus for our lives, we can then create action plan. This leads to real results.

EXERCISE: Grab a sheet of paper and write “Could Woulda Shoulda” on the top of it.  Throughout the day, write down the things that you could have, would have or should have done with your life.  You’ll be amazed at what you see.  I can’t tell you what you’ll see. But trust me on this, it will open your eyes in ways you never imagined.  You will come out more empowered.  Then, please send me a loving letter at Angela@CEOsSecretWeapon.com telling me what happened.

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