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Thanks to Pamela for the info below.  Worked great for me to test out a new campaign on FaceBook and not have to front the money.  (Which reminds me of a great quote: “It takes money to make money, but it doesn’t have to be your money.“)

This is for $100 in Free Facebook Ads. Visa Business Network also offer $75 in free Yahoo ads and other cool tools which I have yet to use.


The offer is still good you just have to know how to get to the right page. I figured it out on my own a few minutes ago. In seconds I got an email with the link to create the ad. Once I did that I checked and lo and behold I had a $100 credit under funding sources. Basically what they did is redirect the links that should have taken you to the page with the “claim credit button” and routed you instead to the “sign up” page. I am happy to explain the work around to you.

Type in http://www.visabusinessnetwork.com (do not go through Facebook to sign in)

Sign in

Type in http://www.visabusinessnetwork.com/adcredit/step2

Click “get credit” — you should then get a redirect to http://www.visabusinessnetwork.com/adcredit/step3 with a message telling you that you were successful and to check your email.

(Mine was there immediately) The link in the email will take you to Facebook Ads where you will create your ad. You should see the code already filled in the “promotion code” box. The credit will be given as the ad is submitted and you should see that reflected in the “funding sources” area of your account page! I hope that this has helped! Email me if you need further clarification.

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Thanks Pamela.  Best wishes to you all. Angela

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