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Yes I Did

I just disappeared for 3 full days. And my world did not end.

Yes, I have work to do. And yes, I have improvements to make but with a last minute packing job and a willingness to back down on some key issues at the start to keep everything on the up and up, I created an ideal getaway situation that helped me realize that life can be exactly what you want it to be, and no less.

Standing on the edge of Twin Falls in Mammoth Lakes, California, I realized that I had walked into my perfect life.  Here I am on a camping trip with a person who has turned me on to full power since the moment I first saw him seven years ago.  As he rests in the car from the long week he has had driving 400 miles and mountain biking down some serious mountain ranges, I stand on the edge of the waterfalls.

This was one of the many beautiful experiences I had had this trip, besides the 10,000 times I looked at my gorgeous co-pilot who has always been a good friend and someone that I feel completely safe with.  This camping experience was refreshing, empowering and true realization that my dream life can be lived.

“TNT – Today not tomorrow”
George L Graziadio, Jr.

Life turned upside down in Mammoth

Life turned upside down in Mammoth

So as I prepare for 4 days of action-oriented work, I start the visualization process for my next trip with my friend.  I feel the success already available to me.  I just have a small list of things to do to turn on my money-making machine.  A small list that provides big results. A list I can share with my clients to help them turn their workload into their automated tool for living the good life.  Please go and learn some awesomeness yourself for free at www.simpleology.com invest 1 hour in your brilliance, then call me to help strategize.

I feel so blessed, grateful and happy to be alive.  This world is a genuine blessing that we often don’t see until we stop and take a breathe and look around at the life we are living.

Carpe diem – Seize the day!

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